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Network Troubleshooting

Below are the most common causes of transaction failures on the Oasis Devnet. Please read this section thoroughly before reporting any bugs.

Rate Limits

The Oasis Devnet enforces a rate limit that restricts the number of requests that can be made by each user in a given time period. These limits are designed to protect against excessive resource consumption and should not impact normal usage.

If you issue too many web3 requests in a short period of time, the web3 gateway will return error status code 429. Please reduce the rate of your requests or wait a little while before trying again.

This limit applies to all web3 requests, not just signed transactions. For example if a DApp makes read-only calls to the web3 gateway, these are still counted against the limit.

State Reset

Occasionally, the Devnet state needs to be cleared. Although we expect this to happen very rarely, when it does happen it can cause MetaMask to get out of sync, resulting in invalid transactions. If all your MetaMask transactions are failing (and it's not due to rate limiting) this is likely the cause.

To resolve the issue simply reset MetaMask state by clicking the Reset Account button from the Settings page.

MetaMask Reset 1

This forces MetaMask to delete its local cache. It does not delete your wallet keys and you won't lose access to your account.

Devnet upgrades

Devnet upgrades will often break existing applications due to API changes. After a Devnet upgrade, please make sure that you are using the latest major version of all libraries, including but not limited to: - Web3c.js - Contract Kit - Oasis truffle box - owasm-ethereum

Other Issues

Please report all bugs and feature requests using our issue tracker.

For other questions and feedback please email