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Tools and Resources

The Oasis Devnet provides a number of tools and resources to help with DApp development.

Name URL Description
Status dashboard View network status and downtime
Oasis explorer View transactions on Devnet
Issue tracker Submit bug reports and feature requests

If you've built a developer tool, please email us at and we will add it to this list.

Web3 Endpoints

The Oasis Devnet is compatible with Web3 using the following RPC URLs:

Name URL Description
Web3 endpoint Point your wallet here to interact with the Devnet
Web3 WebSocket endpoint wss:// For use with pub/sub

Web3c.js library

We provide a hosted version of the latest version of our Web3c.js Javascript library to include in your web application:

<script src=""></script>

You can also install the library using npm:

npm install --save web3c

For instructions on using this library to interact with confidential smart contracts, see the Web3c section of our confidentiality overview.

Devnet DApps

Name Description
Origin Deployment of Origin
Secret Ballot Hosted version of the secret ballot DApp

Want us to show off your DApp? Email us a link to your deployed DApp and we'll put it in this list!