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Managing Wallets on the Dashboard

If you use the Dashboard without having MetaMask or another network provider, we will automatically manage a wallet for you. This wallet is managed by Oasis: you trust our system to take actions on your behalf, and it is only as protected as your access to the Dashboard.

You can transition from an Oasis managed wallet to a wallet you fully control. To do this, first generate an account in MetaMask, following the steps in our MetaMask guide. Next, visit the 'My Account' page on the Dashboard. You can access this page from the left sidebar of the Dashboard. when MetaMask is running, you should see an 'Import' button. Clicking this button will transition your wallet for future actions.


If you have deployed a contract with the concept of an "owner", where some methods can only be invoke by the account which deployed it, you will not be able to use these methods with the new account.